Alexander's talents as a painter are legion and have expanded as he has matured as an artist. From his early roots heavily influenced by his background in tapestries, his repertoire has expanded to encompass many styles of painting resulting in a rare diversity evidencing a depth of talent rarely seen anywhere. Alexander's love of the great outdoors in his new home in Canada has manifested itself in the creation of inspired landscapes of our beautiful country. Alexander is available to take commissions should you have a favorite beauty spot or view from your cottage.

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Few artist are equally talented in sculpture and in painting. Alexander is one of those rare talents. In the tradition of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander creates beauty in both mediums. From exquisite wood carvings fit for any cathedral to large sculptures bringing beauty to public spaces to sandstone carvings bringing elegance to private homes, Alexander's eclectic talents are awe inspiring. Alexander is available for commissions ranging across the full spectrum of his talents.

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A Brief History...

Born in Bakhmut, Ukraine, Mr. Gutyrya embraces wood, sandstone, and bronze in sculpture, and visceral tones, both hot and cold, in oil on canvass and wood. Whether in paint, or in the round, his works convey to the eye what so many feel in the heart, but rarely express. They quite simply pulse with the personal, freed from the constraints of the private life...

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